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Eye Treatments

From lifting and tinting to shaping and threading, our eye treatments encompass everything we know our clients love about being pampered. Whether you’re gearing up to go on holiday, have a special event or just want to flutter your eyelashes and have flawless brows, we’ve got you covered.

Our specialist lash technicians are pros at helping you achieve the perfect look and will talk to you about your requirements before proceeding with your chosen eye treatment. We’re experts at tinting, lifting and shaping and we love helping all our clients add that touch of je nais se quois to their look. It’s time to make your morning routine even easier – “I woke up like this” will certainly apply!

If you have any questions about our eye treatments, we’re always on hand to help, so please contact us

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Patch Test

(15 mins)

Lash Lift & Tint with Bespoke Massage.

Close your eyes relax, and wake up with a lifted spirit and lashes! This indulgent treatment is not just for your eyes but your mind and body too. Lie down on our plush heated massage bed and fully relax with your hand-picked massage moment while your lashes are lifting. Drift off to sleep and wake up feeling and looking lifted!

Pick your Massage Moment before your treatment:
1. Hand & Arm
2. Foot & Leg
3. Decollete & Scalp

(1 hr 15 mins)

Brow Lamination

A treatment designed to give you fuller more defined brows. This treatment includes a facial for your brows – scrub, relaxing the hair, setting, tinting, waxing & bespoke finish. The full works! This treatment is brilliant for people with unruly hairs that they would like to sit in a particular way or for a fluffier look, the choice is yours!

(1 hr)

Brow Lamination & Lash Lift.

The ultimate eye combination! This includes our signature lash lift and brow lamination with all the amazing British Beauty touches. There’ll be no need for mascara or brow pencil after this treatment, it truly is a “I woke up like this” treatment!

(1 hr 30 mins)

Foot Ritual Add-On.

Start your treatment like never before. Our grounding foot ritual allows you to begin your relaxation from the moment you step into the salon. Get comfy, put on our waffle spa robe, and immerse your feet in to our pedispa. Enjoy a handpicked tea using fresh and bespoke ingredients to suit your skin type, inhale the aromas, and experience our British Beauty signature ways with hot towels, fresh ingredient foot soaks, and scrubs. A truly luxurious way to start any treatment!

(15 mins)

Hybrid Tint Add On.

Upgrade your lash or brow treatment! A colour that lasts 4-6 weeks and tints the skin to fill in gaps in your brows or give the illusion of eyeliner!

(5 mins)

The Silent Treatment.

This past year has been incredibly tough, some of you may just want to come in & be in the peace and quiet for your treatment. It can be very draining to have to chit-chat away when all you really need is a pamper session & quiet time. Please add this to your treatment if you would like your treatment to be silent with no chit-chatting, I completely understand & will take really good care of you as always.

(15 mins)

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